• Belarusan-European relations: a history of unseized opportunities

    Andrei Yahorau, Alena Zuikova

    The book presents an analysis of the relations of Belarus and the European Union since 1991 up to the present day. The authors scrutinize the problems of Belarus’ geopolitical choice, the changes of the foreign policy doctrines of independent Belarus, the historical development of European-Belarusan political interactions, their actual condition, and build the foundations and frameworks to program the European vector in Belarus’ politics. The basis of a new construct of the foreign policy is the proactive approach that makes it possible to raise the questions about Belarus as about a European problem, to revise the policy of the European Union with a view to Belarus’ development, to seek for the ways of influencing the EU eastern policy and to change it in the necessary direction, and to use the current European initiatives and programs in the national interests.

    The book is designed both for specialists in the field of the Belarusan foreign policy and international relations and for a wide audience interested in the questions of the Europeanization of Belarus.

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