• Public dialog in Belarus: from grass-roots democracy to civic participation

    Uladzimir Matskevich

    The book continues the “Belarus for Beginners” series and deals with the problem of organizing political dialog in Belarus. The book studies successively a number of questions which lie in the foundation of this problem: from the differentiation of the notions “people” and “society” — to the specificity of public communication and dialog organization principles. Much attention is given to the analysis of the Belarusan forms and precedents of the solution of this problem. As an annex to this book, there is Olga Smolyanko’s analytical material on the legal regulation of the activity of public advisory councils in Belarus.

    The book is aimed at setting a reflective and reasonable attitude to the organization of public dialog in Belarus, suggesting notions, categories, and schemes for an activity attitude to this process. The book is intended for public, cultural, and political figures, as well as everybody who is interested in the adequate understanding of the processes that take place in Belarusan society.

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