Uladzimir Matskevich’s video reports “Political techniques of the third generation” — Part Three


In his third report the philosopher and methodologist Uladzimir Matskevich analyses the methods and techniques by which political technicians of the third generation manage protest electorate and public consciousness.

While first reports of the series examined the history of the emergence and change of political techniques of different generations as well as specific cases from the recent political past of post-Soviet countries, in the third report Uladzimir Matskevich turns to the main objectives, methods, and approaches thanks to which the political techniques of the third generationcan  effectively manage the social processes.

As these political techniques arise in a situation where the direct destruction of opponents and use of totalitarian methods of suppressing political alternative is no longer possible, they require special approaches and methods. To achieve complete control of the situation, while maintaining the illusion of freedom of actions of the discontented and dissidents, to imitate the political process, having eliminated any possibility of competition, to minimize direct repressions, having ousted opponents into a cozy “ghetto” and having “erased” them from the screen of public consciousness, these are the main tasks to be solved by political technicians in Belarus and Russia. Double agents, adverse publicity, and thorough management of “personal conduct cases” of all potential figures in the game are only the most primitive elements, the “tip of the iceberg” of the complex of technological approaches by which to solve these problems.

In addition to the control of limits of the allowed freedom of protest electorate, the efficiency of political techniques of the third generation requires the achievement of a certain state of public consciousness. “Only when the public consciousness is ready to perceive that any fact could turn out to be fake, any lie can carry a part of the truth, when society is deprived of the opportunity to be critical of what is displayed and presented on the screen, then the power of political technicians is almost absolute,” says Uladzimir Matskevich in the third report of a series “Political techniques of the third generation, the war on consciousness, and the European security system”.

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You can watch the full video report in Russian here.

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