Uladzimir Matskevich’s video reports “Political techniques of the third generation” — Part Five


Political techniques of the third generation are a threat to the European space and should be equated with weapons of mass destruction, asserts Uladzimir Matskevich in the final report.

The peculiarity of the situation of use of political techniques of the third generation, which allow simulating the political process, managing and manipulating protest electorate and the public consciousness is that until they do not go beyond the boundaries of a country they are “generated by”, no external forces have right to intervene in this situation. However banal the statement “Every nation gets the government it deserves” is, we have to reckon with it. But political techniques of the third generation have yet another feature - they inevitably tend to expand. The first reason is simple - reducing costs. Since the infrastructure aimed at providing the implementation of political techniques of the third generation is not a cheap pleasure, so political technicians are constantly striving to improve efficiency in the most banal, economic sense - reducing costs while achieving a guaranteed result. But there is another factor: aggressive character of the infrastructure development. Having reached the efficiency in implementing the tasks set, created infrastructures require setting new tasks, and this automatically leads to the widening of scope and area of ​​application of political techniques of the third generation.

The war on consciosness launched by Russia is a clear confirmation to the statement from the above. And not only states that Russia openly refers to as being “its” territories, as the “Russian World” territories, are exposed to danger - Ukraine, Belarus and other post-Soviet republics, but the entire Western world. Why? Well, because the political techniques of the third generation parasitize on the characteristics of public consciousness and on the form of identity, which is generated primarily by the European values and attitudes. Rather, by their rebirth. The striving for objectivity and completeness of perception of the world is reduced to the formula of modern media “one fact and two comments”, the fight against totalitarianism in practice and in thinking leads to complete moral and ethical relativism, the desire for freedom of choice is transformed into infantilism and irresponsibility. And “citizens” of the Age of Enlightenment’ sample concede the historical arena to “fans” and “commentators” who live emotions, empathy, but are capable neither of taking up a position, nor of working on the restoration of the definition of objectivity and reality.

That is why the political techniques of the third generation should be interdicted as weapons of mass destruction, while the European security system should be revised. But no less important and challenging task is studying and analyzing as these techniques themselves, so the ground, the prerequisites that enable them to be effective - and this requires a shift of the paradigm of the humanities and humanities research, asserts the Belarusan philosopher and methodologist Uladzimir Matskevich.

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You can watch the full video report in Russian here.

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