Call for sections (panels) for the 6th International Congress of Belarusan Studies


Organising committee of the 6th International Congress of Belarusan Studies is pleased to announce call for sections (panels) for the Congress. The Congress will take place on 7-9 October 2016 in Kaunas (Lithuania).

Sections (panels) are supposed to be sites for discussion of particular research problems or presentation of results of scholarly activity within certain disciplines or research fields. Organising committee does not set any restrictions regarding discipline or topic of the panel, and thus suggests that academic and research communities articulate their own priorities and interests.

Sections (panels) can be disciplinary, thematic or focus on particular narrow problems. We also accept applications for sections that will discuss important social and political issues, as well as round tables, workshops, presentations, etc.

Formation of sections and panels through an open call will approximate the Congress to the needs and expectations of academic and expert community.

Organising committee calls upon research institutions and communities as well as academic leaders to participate in the design of thematic priorities of the Fourth Congress.

Applications can be made by individuals, groups or institutions.

To apply, please fill in the online form.

Application deadline is 15 March 2016.

You can find samples of sections, panels, round tables, etc. in the 201220132014 and 2015 Congress programs.

For further inquiries please email to

The International Congress of Belarusan Studies was founded by Belarusan and Lithuanian scholars and experts as an annual event for intellectuals and broader communities of Belarus and other countries, including experts, journalists, civil activists, students etc.


The International Congress of Belarusan Studies aims at integration of researchers and experts in social sciences and humanities as well as deeper understanding of Belarus in academic and civil environment of the country, region and world.

The Congress seeks to become a place for presentation of outcomes of scholarly and expert work done during the year. Moreover, the Congress is an excellent opportunity to develop new research and social projects, to exchange views and ideas and to establish informal contacts.