Uladzimir Matskevich: The sooner the "Union State" is denounced, the better for Belarus

Not only does the “Union State” undermine the establishment of civilized relations with Europe, but it hinders the possibility of normal relations between Belarus and Russia.

Monitoring of How the Republic of Belarus Implements the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions

Center for European Transformation

We present a monitoring report of how Belarus Implements the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.

A usual circle. No sanctions, no changes

Andrei Yahorau — for “The Belarusan Magazine”

After the abolition of the sanctions, the EU and Minsk will further expect from each other for the steps that no one is going to take. The situation in the country will not change; only the third force can affect it. If the Belarusan civil society doesn’t become this third force, then Russia will become it.

Capacity of youth non-governmental organizations and Initiative groups for cooperation in addressing common objectives

Andrei Yahorau, Alena Zuikova, Olga Lashkevich, Andrei Shutau, Sviatlana Antashkevich

The Centre for European Transformation, commissioned by the Office for European Expertise and Communication, in April-June 2015 was carried out a study to assess the interaction potential of Belarusan youth NGOs in the solution of common tasks.

Joint Statement on the Recent Developments in Belarus by the EaP CSF, European Youth Forum and IPHR

The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, the European Youth Forum and the International Partnership for Human Rights strongly condemn the large-scale detentions of peaceful protesters in Minsk and other cities of Belarus during the Freedom Day demonstrations on 25 March 2017.

EU-Belarus Coordination Group met for the third time

The European Union-Belarus Coordination Group met in Minsk on 3-4 April 2017, following previous meetings in the same format in April and November 2016.

It is time for the EU to apply conditionality vis-à-vis Belarus, says EaP CSF monitoring mission

The Monitoring Mission of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum on the civil society, media and human rights situation in Belarus (the Mission) visited the country during the period of 28 March-1 April 2017.

In Belarus, a rising fear: Will we be the next Ukraine?

The relationship between Russia and Belarus has never been an easy one. The two former Soviet republics have spent the last two decades on a roller coaster ride — sometimes allies, sometimes adversaries in heated public rows.

The EU’s Benign Neglect of Eastern Europe

Between November 6 and December 11, 2015, Carnegie Europe continued its Capitals Series. In this second phase, the focus was on the EU’s Eastern neighbors, which the bloc has so often zigzagged over in trying to establish a coherent policy toward them collectively or bilaterally.

New ENP and Civil Society’s Role in Focus of the 7th EaP CSF Annual Assembly (Photo)

The 7th Annual Assembly of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum was held in Kyiv on 19-21 November attracting around 300 participants, observers and guests who attended more than 20 sessions and a Networking Fair in the framework of the Assembly.