Uladzimir Matskevich’s video reports “Political techniques of the third generation” — Part Two


The second report of the philosopher and methodologist Uladzimir Matskevich is dedicated to the process of the political techniques’ emergence and “generations” change in the post-Soviet space.

While solving the task set in the first report as of schematization of different types of political techniques, Uladzimir Matskevich sequentially examines the socio-cultural conditions and the history of emergence of political techniques in independent states, formed after the Soviet Union collapse. He is focused on the three post-Soviet countries - Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine. Transition from the politics to the management and the destruction of the principle of political competition in favour of the achievement of a guaranteed result is the main task of the political techniques of the third generation, which has been successfully achieved in the test mode during the first presidential elections in Belarus in 1994, and then in Russia. What is the fundamental difference between the political techniques of the third generation from the primitive totalitarian methods of control, what were the “good intentions” that had paved the way for the destruction of the political space as such, how did Belarus become a pilot site for Moscow political technicians - all of this can be found in the second report of the series “Political techniques of the third generation, the war on consciousness, and the European security system”.

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You can watch the full video report in Russian here.

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