New edition of the “Quote your Own! Wise and interesting thoughts of the Belarusan thinkers”

Flying University

Flying University and the Belarusan Philosophical Space together with the publishing house Ekanompress started to work on the publication of the amended and extended book of quotes “Quote your Own!”

The working title of the book is “Quote your Own! Wise and interesting thoughts of the Belarusan thinkers.”

On this occasion, a competition for the best quote for the book is announced. Quotes can be sent before September 15, 2016.

The Commission's board will announce first three participants of the competition, who sent the largest number of quotes to be selected for the book. These participants will receive honorary prizes from the publishing house Ekanompress: books of the publishing center the participants will choose.

Winners will be announced before the end of September.

To enter the competition you need to fill out a form.

Important to know!

Quotes should be submitted not from memory, but in its original form with the indication of the piece or text from which it was taken, as well as the date of publication of the text. It’s better to fill in each quote in a separate form. Quotes previously published in the book “Quote your Own!”  won’t be accepted.

The Commission will prioritize the quotes of our compatriots who lived in the first half of the XX century, as it is this cultural layer that was covered the least in the previous book. But any quotes of our compatriots, who are, in your opinion, worthy to be respected and revered will be accepted. The previous version of the book is taken as the basis of the book is taken; it will be supplemented by new and edited quotations that have been sent earlier.

We look forward to your interesting offers!

The project coordinator,
Pavel Barkouski, the Flying University, the Belarusan Philosophical Space

Project partners: