• Civil society’s role and place in the system of donor assistance to Belarus (2006-2012)

    Alena Zuikova, Andrei Yahorau

    The Centre for European Transformation has prepared a working paper on civil society’s role and place in the system of external assistance to Belarus in 2006-2012.

  • Media constructivism and social significance: how do Belarusan media create senses?

    Andrei Yahorau

    Andrei Yahorau, Director the Centre for European Transformation, has prepared a analytical document “Media constructivism and social significance: how do Belarusan media create senses?”

  • Russia has lost the war

    Uladzimir Matskevich, philosopher and methodologist

    It is perfectly obvious today. Russia has lost all the wars it has waged this year; there are several of them — in different areas and at different levels.

  • The Eurasian Economic Union: a one way ticket

    Andrei Yahorau — for “The Belarusan Magazine”

    On May 29, 2014, the leaders of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia signed an agreement on the establishment of the Eurasian Economic Union. It seems to be a significant event, but the story of integration initiatives in the post-Soviet space is so messy that it’s not easy to understand the how and why of things. Though, in the case our unchallenged helmsman has “entered” Belarus in this new interstate association, it wouldn’t be bad to understand what has this action meant and what it has threatened with our country and all of us, as well.

  • New cycle of EU-Belarus relations: dialogue in spite of actuality?

    Andrei Yahorau, Alena Zuikova

    The Centre for European Transformation has prepared a policy brief with the analysis of the current situation in the EU-Belarus relations.

  • Parliament: At the periphery of the political process

    Andrei Yahorau

    Bring to your attention an article Director of the Centre for European Transformation Andrei Yahorau which was published in an annual integral analysis of the essential spheres of the state and society Belarusan Yearbook 2013. Electronic version of article was first published on the website of Belarus’ expert community Nashe Mneniye (Our opinion).

  • Belarus in the region of the Eastern Partnership countries (1992-2012)

    Andrei Kazakevich, Andrei Valodzkin, Aliaksandr Filipau, Political Sphere Institute

    Political Sphere Institute of Political Studies, supported by Centre for European Transformation, conducted a study of the relations between Belarus and the countries of the Eastern Partnership in 1992-2012.

  • If Russia brings Ukraine under its control, there will be a real threat to Belarus’ sovereignty

    Andrei Yahorau, Centre for European Transformation

    If we take a look from our post-Soviet region, the purposes of Russia’s intervention in Ukraine seem obvious, terrible in their essence, but clear enough. As a matter of fact, Russia has never abandoned its revanchist ambitions, its dream of restoring the Empire, and its nostalgia for the USSR. These moods have always been present in the foreign policy and official discourse of Russian power.

  • Belarusan reverberations of the Euromaidan

    Andrei Yahorau, Centre for European Transformation

    During the latest months, the Ukrainian events have been influencing directly the situation in Belarus. It is possible to say that Belarus is watching Ukraine narrowly. “Revolution”, “mutiny”, “coup d’état” — whatever it may be called — it cannot leave Belarusans untouched.

  • Civil society program monitoring. Analytical report (July-December 2013)

    Andrei Yahorau, Andrei Shutau

    The Centre for European Transformation has prepared a analytical report of the Civil society program monitoring of Belarusan civil society in the period from July to December 2013.